All Things VMware Tanzu Mission Control at VMworld 2020

VMworld 2020 is just around the corner with hundreds of amazing sessions. Here I have compiled a list of those that cover VMware Tanzu Mission Control



MAP2868 – Manage Policy and Security for Kubernetes Clusters across teams and clouds – Eryn Muetzel

MAP2786 – Expert Round-table – Everything you need to know about Tanzu Mission Control – Eryn Muetzel & Keith Lee

HOL-2132 – Tanzu Mission Control Hands on Lab – Joe Mann & Tiago Baeta



KUB2229 – An introduction to VMware Tanzu Mission Control – Megan Bruce & Morgan Fine

KUB2167 – How to manage thousands of Kubernetes clusters – Sneha Narang & Tim Carr



Following sessions include Tanzu Mission Control alongside other products

MAP2081 – Connect and Secure your applications through Tanzu Service Mesh – Deepa Kalani & Tom Spoonemore

MCOP2177 – Opertionalizing and Optimizing Kubernetes – Scott Van Woudenberg & Jonathan Morin

KUB2306 – GitOps and Kubernetes – A guide for the VI Admin – Keith Lee & Sam McGeown

KUB2069 – Operationalizing Kubernetes Clusters with policies – Scott Lowe

MC2797 – Solutions Keynote: Multi-cloud strategy to deliver Modern Apps to any Cloud – Raghu Raghuram

KUB3429 – Make your Kubernetes clusters production-ready with Tanzu – Tiffany Jernigan


Demo Zone

DEM3279 – Manage, Observe, Upgrade and Backup your Fleet of Kubernetes Clusters

DEM3205 – Centrally Manage Kubernetes Cluster Lifecycle on vSphere

DEM3282 – Define Data Backup and Protection for Kubernetes Clusters



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