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Updated: 27th April 2020

I’m often asked by those who are starting their journey with Kubernetes, what is this “Cluster API” I keep hearing about? I draw a few diagrams and send on several links but then light bulb moment, throw all the links into one page and share that one page, genius!

If you have some links to good resources, please add them below.

Cluster API (CAPI)

The Cluster API Book
Quick Start Guide
Releases (v1alpha3 was released on 10th March 2020)
Slack (#cluster-api)
Tim St. Clair (14th March 2019)
Jason DeTiberus (14th May 2019)
Randy Johnson (8th October 2019)
Vince Prignano (9th October 2019)
Chris Milsted (12th December 2019)
Richard Seroter (19th February 2020)
Daniel Lipovetsky (21st April 2020)
KubeAcademy: Cluster API Concepts, Components, and Terminology
TGI Kubernetes 110: Cluster API v1alpha3

Cluster API Providers

vSphere (CAPV)

Slack (#cluster-api-vsphere)
Myles Gray (v1alpha2) (10th Nov 2019)
Timmy Carr (v1alpha2) (26th Jan 2020)
Joe Mann (v1alpha3) (13th March 2020)
Chip Zoller (v1alpha3) (8th April 2020)


Slack (#cluster-api-aws)
Getting started guide (no dedicated guide available, use general guide here)
Scott Lowe (v1alpha2) (5th March 2020)
Scott Lowe (v1alpha3) (26th March 2020)
Scott Lowe (using existing AWS security groups) (22nd April 2020)
Scott Lowe (using external etcd) (23rd April 2020)
KubeAcademy: Creating a Cluster on AWS with Cluster API

Azure (CAPZ)

Slack (#cluster-api-azure)
– Anyone?!


OpenStack (CAPO)

Docker (CAPD)














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