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From delivering Enterprise PKS workshops, to corridor conversations, to helping people over slack, email, and phone, I keep finding myself pointing people to the same resources as-well as my own How to install NSX-T and PKS blog series and Troubleshooting PKS blog series. Light bulb moment, why not document and share them with all! I plan to update it regularly but I also welcome, via comments, any other PKS related resources. Enjoy.

Software Downloads

ProductDownloadRelease Notes
PCF Ops Manager
Enterprise PKS


PKS CLI Auto-complete
PKS Kubectl
PKS token tool
PKS vSphere Plugin
Ops Man CLI

Install Docs

PCF Ops Manager
Enterprise PKS

VMware Blogs

A comparative analysis on health monitoring PKS using VMware Wavefront and vRealize Operations
PKS 1.2
Routable Pod Networks
PKS 1.3
vRealize Log Insight Integration
Multi-Tenancy Support
Integrating Istio
Application Monitoring with Prometheus
VMware vRealize Network Insight 4.1 Powers Networking and Security Analytics for VMware Enterprise PKS

VMware Webcasts

Running and Monitoring Kubernetes on VMware
ecuring Container Images with Harbor, an Open Source Registry
Deploy and Manage Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes on vSphere and in Cloud with PKS
What’s new with VMware Enterprise PKS 1.3
Use VMware’s Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) to run Kubernetes
VMware vSAN: The Storage Platform of Choice for Kubernetes
Introduction to VMware’s Kubernetes Portfolio
Kubernetes Back-up and Migration Strategies using Project Velero

VMware YouTube Videos

Deploy and Manage Enterprise Kubernetes with VMware PKS
VMware PKS and Harbor
What's new with VMware PKS 1.2
vRealize Automation and VMware PKS Integration
VMware PKS Logging Sink
VMware PKS LDAP and Role Binding
BOSH and the vSphere Cloud Provider Interface
Kubernetes: One Cluster or Many?
Why Bosh? Part 1: BOSH Unique Capabilities
Why Bosh? Part 2: Platforms Running on BOSH
Kubernetes - 3 Commonly Asked Questions
VMware PKS overview
VMware PKS 1.3 Demo -- Support for Multi Tier 0 Router with NSX-T
Upgrading VMware Enterprise PKS 1.2 to 1.3
VMware Enterprise PKS and Codestream Demo

VMware PKS Hands-On Labs

HOL-1931-01-CNA - VMware PKS - Getting Started
HOL-1935-01-NET - VMware Pivotal Container Service on VMware NSX-T - Getting Started


VMware Enterprise PKS Install, Configure, and Manage workshopVMware4 days
Intro to Kubernetes and ContainersVMware / Heptiohalf day
Kubernetes Hands-on WorkshopVMware / Heptio1 day
Kubernetes Cluster OperationsVMware / Heptio1 day
Kubernetes SecurityVMware / Heptiohalf day
Introduction to Kubernetes (LFS158)Linux Foundation10-12 hours
Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258)Linux Foundation35 hours


NSX-T Concourse Pipelines (NSBU)
PKS Concourse Pipelines (Sabha)
PKS Concourse Pipelines (Nathan)
Kubernetes Failure Stories
Chad Sakac PKS blog
PodCTL Podcast
NSX-T NCP Install and Admin Guide
How to delete NSX-T Protected Objects
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