Upgrade NSX-T from 2.3 to 2.3.1

Just a quick blog post in case its useful to others to see the steps of a NSX-T upgrade, in this case its from 2.3 to 2.3.1 As its holiday season, and time with the family, its a stream of screen grabs and some comments. This upgrade was performed on one of my PKS NSX-T nested environments in my home lab.



First was to perform a backup. In NSX Manager go System > Utilities > Backup. Click EDIT to edit the backup configuration.

Edit the backup configuration. In my case I’m using one of the ubuntu jump hosts

Once configured, click the BACKUP NOW button to start the backup. It’s a quick process as seen below in my env it only took 10 seconds.

Upload MUB

In NSX Manager go System > Utilities > Upgrade. Click PROCEED to UPGRADE

Here we point to our MUB file and click UPLOAD. It will upload, extract and verify compatibility and report back that the File has been uploaded successfully. Next click BEGIN UPGRADE

You will be presented with a summary of the upgrade, such as the current version and the target version.

Hosts Upgrade

Click START to start the upgrade of the hosts

Host upgrade in progress

Host upgrade complete

Edge Upgrade

Controller Nodes Upgrade

Management Nodes Upgrade

Upgrade Complete

And thats it! Simple, painless process, just a few mouse clicks. Happy Holidays all


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